CIFAL Flanders becomes our strategic partner

#we are Pantarein  •  26/05/2021

Sustainable business is our raison d’être: we want to help as many companies as possible to become part of the transition. In order to increase our leverage even further, we are joining forces with CIFAL Flanders, the United Nations affiliated training centre for SDG implementation in the Benelux.

Through this partnership, we will keep up with all the evolutions and experiences of the SDGs in business and other sectors. And CIFAL can count on the expertise of Pantarein and Susanova to reinforce the communication about the SDGs and their training portfolio. We also join forces to support companies and sectors even better. This year, for example, we will jointly offer various workshops on sustainable leadership and non-financial/sustainability reporting.


Peter Wollaert, CIFAL Flanders: “Achieving the all-important SDGs is an enormous challenge for our society. Without communication and the sharing of experience, this challenge is impossible to achieve. Our collaboration with Pantarein will lift our external communication to a higher level and expands our offer to our partners with specific knowledge about sustainability communication and non-financial reporting.”


Katelijne Norga, Pantarein Publishing: “For our business, it is extremely important to closely follow up all evolutions in the field of sustainable business and the SDGs. With CIFAL Flanders as a strategic partner, we are at the source. Like this, we can offer our customers even more quality and added value and our contribution to the green transition will be even more significant.”

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