Creation & story­telling

Your organisation is making progress in sustainability and you can’t wait to share this positive impact: with your customers, your suppliers, your employees, investors, applicants, your business partners, the government, the press, etc. We figure out a distinctive communication concept, and develop all content you need to convey your sustainability story, in-house.

nication concept

To engage your stakeholders in your sustainability story, you need a creative communication concept. We develop several proposals and refine the proposal of your choice until every detail is perfect. This communication concept forms the underlying theme of all communication products dwe develop. We further develop the concept within the guidelines of your corporate identity, or design a recognisable and accompanying look-and-feel, specifically for your sustainability communication or campaign.


Digital first also applies to sustainability communication. We build a sustainability hub for your organisation: the ultimate digital base for all communication about your social impact. We also develop the other assets you need for a 360° campaign, from blog articles, newsletters and press items, videos, infographics and animations, to in-depth content such as a white paper or webinar. We also provide accompanying texts on sustainability that can be used on your website, corporate newsletter or annual report.

Whenever we create any communication, we always carefully avoid any green­washing. We are your partner for credible and transparent communication about your true ambitions and impacts, based on content. It is how we ensure that customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders feel genuinely informed.

How can
we help you?

  • Branding your sustainability story
  • Implementing your sustainability hub or digital platform as a base for all your sustainability communication
  • Setting up (internal or external) awareness campaigns
  • Editing of deep content: blog articles, newsletters, own magazine, etc.
  • Strategic copywriting of white papers, position papers, and other in-depth content items that underpin your sustainability story
  • Developing videos, animations, and infographics
  • Content for internal communication
  • Ready-to-use posts for social media