01 mrt 2023
Care for biodiversity becomes crucial for businesses too
CSRD-regulated companies will soon have to report on their impacts, risks and opportunities linked to biodiversity and ecosystems, if biodiversity is material (relevant) to their business operations. High time to zoom in on this reporting standard.
21 nov 2022
COP27: a win for loss and damage fund, no further limit on fossil fuels
After the closing statement of COP27, a general feeling of disappointment reigns: emissions of fossil fuels are not further limited.
26 okt 2022
5 essential skills for sustainability managers
The job of sustainability manager is ever-changing, ranging from drawing up an ESG roadmap to training teams and communicating your company’s results.
29 sep 2022
Sustainable impact: how to get your colleagues on board
How do you activate your entire company on sustainability? How do you make sure everyone plays their part in the company strategy? Four tips to mobilize your team.
16 aug 2022
What does double materiality mean for your business?
A double materiality analysis is the foundation of your sustainability policy and reporting. Find out what dual materiality is and how to go about it.
14 jul 2022
Ready for the CSRD in 5 steps
Start preparing today for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our roadmap will help you get started!
30 mei 2022
What should you know about the new European reporting standards?
The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires the 50,000 largest companies in Europe to publish an annual sustainability report by fiscal year 2025. We summarize the main points.
14 okt 2021
CIFAL Flanders launches free online SDG Guide
CIFAL Flanders launched the first SDG Guide at the SDG Forum in Brussels – the largest multi-stakeholder forum on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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