Pantarein Climate Ambassador? But of course!

#we are Pantarein  •  05/10/2020  •  Lien Moris

The Province of Flemish Brabant and Voka Vlaams-Brabant are looking for 2020’s Klimaatambassadeur (Climate Ambassador). And we are in the running for the title!

As a content agency specialising in climate and sustainable business, we help companies communicate about their sustainability achievements in a catchy way. So a contest for SMEs who are actively committed to climate neutral and sustainable business is right up our alley.

A contest you say?

Klimaatambassadeur is an initiative of miK, the Environmental Info Point for SMEs, a collaboration between the Province of Flemish Brabant and Voka Flemish Brabant. Every year, they put SMEs with a heart for the climate in the limelight. We are one of the seven finalists.

Why do we deserve this trophy?

Sustainability is what drives us:

  1. As a content agency, we help businesses to shape and share their sustainable story. That is how we help accelerate the green transition.


  1. Communication and storytelling are indispensable in social change. Through our media platform Susanova we inspire businesses and people to help shape the green economy and society.


  1. We offer our employees a meaningful job and the chance to help build a company that really makes a difference.


  1. We walk the talk:
  • We work in a near-zero energy building.
  • We provide our own energy, heat and cooling through solar panels and a heat pump.
  • We recruit locally.
  • We are a cycling company (75 percent of our employees come to work by bike, we offer (electric) bicycles to our employees).
  • Teleworking was already common practice for us before corona.
  • We get involved in local social projects. One of our employees acts as a bridge between school and home for two school children from Haacht.

What are the benefits of sustainable business?

More than you might think:

  • The climate-neutral economy is a must, but at the same time it represents the greatest business opportunity of this generation. Every company has to ‘rethink’ itself sustainably to be equipped for the future. This also offers many opportunities.
  • Sustainable business is becoming an increasingly important criterion in the financial sector. Those who invest in sustainability have an edge.
  • Millennials and the up-and-coming generation want to work for a sustainable employer.
  • Studies show that companies that are resilient survive crises better.
  • By communicating about your sustainable efforts, you in turn inspire other organisations. And so we work together towards a world that is better tomorrow than it is today.
What can I do?

We’re glad you asked. Vote, of course! Go to and help us win.

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