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Almost three years ago, Pantarein launched media platform Susanova. Since then, Susanova has grown into the digital place to be for those who want to keep abreast of the green economy and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Haven’t heard of Susanova? Then hurry to and dive into the platform’s news page, themed dossiers or archive. There’s thousands of articles about the sustainable economy, covering nine insightful themes and as many sectors.


Susanova brings you, among other things:

  • sustainability news from the business world – multinationals, start-ups and SMEs
  • updates on international and Flemish environmental and climate policy
  • interviews with green leaders from the business world, e.g. Ikea, HP, Deme, Lidl ...
  • analyses of current sustainability issues such as the plastic soup or sustainable financing
  • in-depth dossiers about e-mobility, green chemistry, biodiversity …
  • a quarterly print magazine on overarching themes such as the circular economy, the SDGs or renewable energy

Now that you know Susanova, you'll probably want to know how to make the most out of our platform.

1. Subscribe and expand your sustainability knowledge

It is increasingly important to keep up with the latest trends in sustainability. At Pantarein, we believe communication is important to make the green transition happen. That is why we make a lot of content available for free via our website and newsletter.

Are you hungry for a deeper understanding and do you also want to support Susanova as an inspiration platform? Then choose one of our subscription options and gain access to all dossiers, analyses, and magazines.

Tip: offer your employees or your entire team sustainable inspiration with a customised business subscription

2. Send us your sustainability news

Our editorial team is always interested in relevant sustainability news. So please feel free to send your news and press releases to Our independent editorial team will assess whether the news is of interest to our readers. If that is the case, your content will be included as a news item for the website. Or maybe one of our editors will reach out for an interview.

3. Use Susanova as a strategic marketing channel

We offer various options to boost your marketing, using Susanova as a strategic channel. Interviews, strategic cases, expert videos, a roundtable discussion, paid advertising on social media, partner packages for sustained sustainability communication ... We have a lot on offer.


For more information about Susanova’s partner offerings, contact our communication consultant Sophie Maeseele at

Editorial calendar Susanova 2021


  • The European Green Deal - opportunities for businesses (March)
  • Future Food - the food system of the future (June)
  • Green leadership - visionary trailblazers (September)
  • Liveable cities - building a healthy and climate resilient environment (December)

Online dossiers (first half of the year)

  • Sustainability reporting - why and how to report on your non-financial performance?
  • CO2 as a raw material - new technologies on the way
  • Green investments - the financial picture
  • Sustainable business parks - redefining the economic space

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