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#we are Pantarein  •  27/05/2021

In the first half of 2021, several companies knocked at our door in their search for a communication partner with sustainability expertise. This resulted in new partnerships with, among others, POM West-Flanders, PL-Safety, CERA, Arcadis, De Watergroep, software developer, an international lime producer and an international mobility company.

With POM West-Vlaanderen, we concluded a three-year framework agreement with a dual focus: the development of communication strategies and campaigns, and content creation and storytelling. The overarching goal: to encourage West Flemish companies to do business in a more sustainable way, while strengthening the province's logistical and international appeal. We are launching our first campaign this summer.


For an international lime producer, we wrote an online brochure that summarises their climate ambitions in an understandable way for external stakeholders. We also helped to update and motivate all employees at management level about the company's climate actions and sustainability projects during a digital town hall meeting.


PL-Safety, a wholesaler of face masks and other personal protective equipment, hired us to write a sustainability plan. Although sustainability has long been embedded in the company's culture, PL-Safety wanted to have a tool to give their actions a backbone and give clients insight into how they contribute to the SDGs with their current actions, and with the new steps they take year after year.


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