Pantarein is the driving force behind Susanova, the Flemish media platform for the green economy. Under the motto ‘Sustainable business, better business’, Susanova offers daily news, trends, and inspiration about the business opportunities of the climate transition.

Tomorrow’s market leaders

The world is at a turning point. To bring about sustainable economic change, industry and businesses must reinvent themselves. The good news is that transitioning to a sustainable business model has clear advantages for companies. A better market position, less risks, easier access to financing, greater appeal to jobseekers … Visionary entrepreneurs who transform sustainably today, will be the market leaders of tomorrow.

360° platform

In times of fake news, reliable sources of news and knowledge become increasingly important. Susanova screens 300,000 websites worldwide on a daily basis, filtering news and innovations for decision makers. In addition, we provide insight into the green business case with cases, analyses, dossiers and vision interviews. In this way, Susanova helps businesses to take the step towards action and implementation and to shape the new economy.

Susanova is a 360° media platform with five channels


Susanova puts the business opportunities of sustainable entrepreneurship in the spotlight, in a structured and well-founded manner. Sustainable start-ups, SMEs and multinationals from all sectors find a platform here to highlight their sustainable performance and achievements.

Susanova offers many opportunities for you and your business: access to the most recent sustainability information, targeted visibility for your sustainable achievements, additional reach on top of your own marketing channels …

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