Sustainable strategy & climate roadmap

Making the world a better place for yourself and others: to become future-proof, the important thing is to incorporate ESG values (environmental, social, and governance) in your business strategy. Do you want to gather momentum to make your company more sustainable, create more impact, and prepare your organisation for the future? We help you to put a distinctive vision and authentic sustainability strategy down on paper.


Our starting point is the sustainable actions your company is already undertaking today and your plans for the future. We analyse trends in the sector and evolutions within the context of your business (legislation, accreditations, etc.). We analyse sector peers, customers, and suppliers, and we interview your stakeholders.


Together with your organisation’s management, we investigate what your position is within your sector and what your sustainability ambitions are. Do you want to be a frontrunner, do you aspire to a leading role, or are you busy catching up? We look at the domains where you can make the biggest difference: climate, raw materials, transport, fair trade, well-being, diversity, good governance, etc.

We draw up ambitions for those focus domains and – together with you – establish the specific engagements, milestones, and targets. Every time we will assess how each segment of your strategy contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability storyline

Your sustainability business strategy can only be impactful if you know how to convey it in an engaging and infectious manner. This requires your own organisational sustainability narrative or distinct sustainability story. We bundle your strategic building blocks into a single, concise, distinctive strategy text, with corresponding visual representation in an expressive framework.

This concept, your own sustainability storyline or narrative, embodies tangible proof of how your organisation wishes to improve the lives of people and the planet. This sustainability story is a prerequisite for your stakeholders to connect with your company, project or programme.

It forms the foundation of every subsequent step:

  • sustainability strategy follow-up
  • internal activation
  • external communication
  • reporting

How can we help you?

  • Workshops to focus on the sustainability ambitions and vision within your organisation
  • Formulating a purpose or sustainability mission
  • Building your sustainability strategies using focus domains, ambitions, targets, milestones, and KPIs
  • Integration of the SDGs in your corporate strategy
  • Creating a sustainability narrative (strategic copywriting, visualisation, and branding)