our work

Agoria’s first sustainability report

Where does the technology industry stand today in terms of sustainability and where does it want to go? On technology­forabetterworld.be, technology federation Agoria brings together its efforts, ambitions and targets for the first time.

Our client

Technology Federation Agoria

Our challenge

Creating the first sustainability report of the technological industry in Belgium

Our solution

A sustainability hub that aggregates industry impact and engagements and provides tools for technology companies that want to get started with sustainability

Agoria - the sector federation for the technological industry in Belgium - groups and defends the interests of more than 2000 technologically inspired companies. With its knowledge and expertise and through networking, the federation dedicates itself to the future of the companies.

In its first sustainability report, Agoria communicates transparently about the sector's impact on people and planet and about the solutions that the technology industry is developing to tackle global warming and other societal challenges.

Digital sustainability hub

The report takes the form of a dedicated website - a sustainability hub - accessible from the Agoria website. On this navigable hub you will find:

  • Agoria's sustainability strategy and sustainability roadmap (including commitments, targets and KPIs)
  • interactive graphs showing the impact in twelve domains: from sustainable employment over climate change to digitalization and data economy
  • sustainable projects and initiatives
  • inspiring business cases

We also created a derivative navigable pdf, which summarizes the content in a concise way and allows stakeholders to download and browse the report in its entirety.


This first sustainability report can be regarded as a benchmark. In the coming years, it will be an important tool to keep our finger on the pulse, to further refine the sustainability strategy, to raise ambitions, to define KPIs and to systematically integrate sustainability, both in Agoria's operations and in the business strategy of its members.

Communication tool

The sustainability report is not only meant to be a reporting tool. It is also a strategic communication tool with which the technology industry proves to its employees, business partners, the media, the financial world ... that it has a license to operate.


Finally, the report provides valuable tools for companies inside and outside the technology sector to demonstrate transparency themselves and to start working with sustainability (reporting).