our work

Content platform on the circular economy

This client asked us to create an annual report. We developed a fully fledged content platform with 'strong partnerships' as the central storyline.

Our client

Recupel, which organizes the collection of waste electrical appliances and lamps in Belgium

Our challenge

Turning the annual report into a communication tool with impact

Our sollution

A digital content platform that puts Recupel and the theme of the circular economy on the map, and a content plan to reinforce distribution


Various Flemish newspapers picked up on the launch of the first digital annual report. The annual report also met with great approval among Recupel's partners and stakeholders. According to many, the new approach is a step forward for the reputation and image of the organization.

From loose facts and figures to a consistent story

In its previous annual reports, Recupel started from the facts and figures, which it collected and then compiled in a publication. For the 2020 and 2021 reports, we did it the other way around: using interviews, we uncovered Recupel's purpose and focused on its story as a driver of urban mining and the circular economy. We used that storyline to frame Recupel's collection figures, achievements and actions. The result: an annual report with a message that conveys the organization's full story.

Consistent content approach

That the annual report had to be digital was a foregone conclusion for the client. We proposed a clearly structured and dynamic content platform that not only gives the visitor insight into facts and figures, but also takes him/her along in the story behind the organization. Interviews, animations, videos and striking visuals make the platform an experience. The result is a communication tool that shows Recupel as a contemporary, purposeful organization that takes its stakeholders seriously.


Making an annual report requires quite an investment. That's why we develop content platforms for our clients that are much more than a momentum: they are the starting point for a consistent content strategy for months to come.

Snackable content

When launching the annual report, the focus was on informing professional stakeholders, such as chain partners, sector organizations and companies. But certain content from the annual report can also be recuperated as 'snackable' content for a broader public: an efficient way for Recupel to make its mission better known to the consumer.

Stakeholder event

On the occasion of Recupel's 20th anniversary, we made a newspaper that puts successful circular projects in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia in the spotlight. Ecodesign, reuse, innovative software and new business models: it all passes in review. The entire newspaper - concept, design, selection of content and editing - came out of our quiver. The newspaper was distributed at the stakeholder event that Recupel organized to celebrate its 20th anniversary.