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First integrated report for Vandemoortele

With the launch of their sustainability strategy and numerous sustainability programmes, food company Vandemoortele Group places sustainability at the core of its business. This integrated approach is also reflected in the new annual report we created together.


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Vandemoortele Group

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Introducing the integrated view of doing business sustainably to all employees, embedding it in the company's (international) branches and communicating it to external stakeholders through a report and matching communication

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An integrated report offering both financial and non-financial information to stakeholders in an accessible way. For the launch of the report, we also developed a communication plan and a series of assets

Tasty and sustainable

As a leading food company, Vandemoortele wants to take responsibility to sustainably transform the food chain. The company wants to minimize its negative impacts on people and the environment and maximize its positive effects on the surrounding area.

Vandemoortele wants to contribute to a world where everyone can live a good life, with cosy and tasty moments, all within the limits of the planet. The slogan 'Shaping a tasty future sustainably' expresses this in a catchy way.


Vandemoortele wants to be ready for the future. Therefore, in 2021, the decision was made to integrate sustainability into the heart of the company. Creating an integrated report was a logical next step.

The process

Vandemoortele's sustainability story is carried by numerous internal experts and project leaders from different departments of the company. Over several weeks, we interviewed experts, provided consultancy and organized content meetings. Based on the experts' detailed input, we wrote the narrative and texts for the report.

The design of the report was given a new look, aiming for an even better digital reading experience. The report is fully in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for reporting. For the financial section, we also carried out final editing of the full IFRS report (International Financial Reporting Standards). That report was also given a nice layout, so that it goes well with the integrated report.

With its clear, orderly designed balanced score cards, the report is the tool par excellence for Vandemoortele to track and visualize its ESG (environmental, social, governance) progress.

Creative campaigns

At the client's request, we also drew up a hands-on communication plan to roll out the external communication and internal activation. To emphasize the highlights of the report, we launched a campaign with creative posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. And to get everyone within the company on board with sustainability as well, we created some striking visuals.

We drew up one of Vandemoortele's commitments – to offer more plant-based alternatives – in a position paper: an excellent tool to inform specialized B2B stakeholders even more thoroughly.

Finally, to widen the sustainable impact to Vandemoortele's consumers as well, we developed a retail campaign about their partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank. With a webpage, a video, a series of campaign images and a set of social media posts, we laid the foundations for new sustainable consumer campaigns in the future.