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Investment company shows sustainable progress in progress report

Every year, investment family VP Capital reports on the sustainable progress it is making through its investments. We took the 2021 report to the next level.

Our client

VP Capital

Our challenge

Revising the progress report into an accessible report with a clear structure and clear messages

Investment family

VP Capital is the family office of the van Puijenbroek family, an investment family with a focus on tradition and a drive to make a positive impact. They put their capital and network to work for sustainable progress. Each year VP Capital reports on its sustainable results. They do so on the basis of 14 KPIs (key performance indicators) and an ESG and impact screening of all fund investments. Such thorough reporting is quite exceptional for a family office.

Accessible report

In order to lift the Progress Report 2021 to a higher level, VP Capital called in Pantarein. Our sustainability strategists screened the delivered content and made suggestions to improve the structure. After that, we reworked the texts into an easy-to-read and accessible report.

New in the 2021 report is the deepening of the ESG and impact screening of VP Capital's real estate and donations, but also the contribution to so-called underserved communities (e.g., populations that have no access to medical care). The report also makes the link with future European legislation (including the European Taxonomy and the SFDR) and climate risks for the first time.

Partnership Susanova

Since 2021 VP Capital is an official partner of Susanova, our media platform for the green economy. Based on interviews, our content experts write articles about the sustainable vision and strategy of the investment company. By doing so, we want to inspire similar companies. Through the various channels of Susanova, VP Capital reaches a diverse audience of decision makers.