our work

Influencer marketing in sustainability campaign

Together with the Cera cooperative and four social influencers, we are using the ‘Water Brigade’ campaign to create awareness of conscious water consumption.

Our client

Cera Cooperative Society

Our challenge

Roll out the ‘Cera Water Brigade’ campaign on Facebook and Instagram, in the Cera newsletter and on the website

Our solution

We draw up the content planning and make creative and striking posts. We help the four social media influencers create social videos and personal posts. Every month, we come up with a catchy challenge, and create as much buzz around it as we can

+ 77%
about 77% more profile visits on Instagram in one month
some videos were viewed almost 500 times after only a few weeks
From ‘challenge’ to engaging video content

As a cooperative with about 400,000 associates, Cera invests in projects with a positive impact on welfare and well-being in our country. One of these initiatives is the Cera Water Brigade campaign for conscious water consumption, with a central role for four social influencers. They each encourage their own target audience to be smart with water, through videos on Facebook and Instagram showing them how to take on challenges.


Cera called on Pantarein for the creative, substantive, and practical implementation of the campaign. We set to work on the creative communication concept Cera had developed previously. We think up the challenges for the influencers in their videos, and post on social media afterwards. We add appropriate responses to the reactions. Our goal: generating as much engagement and buzz as possible.

In word and deed

We closely monitore the reach of the posts via the Facebook and Instagram analysis tools. This way, we know which content is catching on, and we can target the content more effectively for the next challenges. And as the four ‘Water Brigadiers’ from the campaign are relatively new to their roles, we support them in word and deed. For example, we kept a tight reign on direction for their introductory videos.


As well as the catchy videos, the ‘Cera Water Brigade’ campaign also rests on more in-depth content, such as interviews with water experts. The explanations they provide are converted into bite-size tips and tricks for Cera associates who want to be smart about saving and conserving water. Right up our street, given our many years of experience with sustainability communication!