our work

Awareness campaign for the safe use of biocides

To promote the safe and proper use of hazardous pesticides, we developed a multimedia campaign ranging from sector-specific leaflets to a user-friendly website.

Our client

FPS Public Health

Our challenge

Raising awareness and providing information on the correct use of hazardous pesticides

Our solution

A multimedia campaign tailored to specific sectors

Multimedia information campaign

Many people come into contact with pesticides or high-risk biocides through their work. In order to promote safe and correct use among vendors, employers and users, FPS Public Health asked for our help. We developed an informative concept, articulated the key messages and set up a multimedia information campaign.

Making complex information understandable

In each sector that uses biocides (cleaning, catering, construction, etc.) the information needs are different. The focus was always on making complex technical information accessible and understandable, and on providing practical tips for people from diverse backgrounds.


We proposed a mix of communication tools and channels: a general information brochure, sector-specific leaflets and file cards, advertisements and articles in trade journals. On the new user-friendly website, vendors and users will soon be able to find all the necessary information about biocides, register online and look up products in an interactive module.

Advanced storytelling

The communication products resulting from the assignment stand out because of their simplicity. There was an extensive strategic exercise behind the creation process. In order to understand the specificity of each sector, both in terms of content and communication needs, we conducted in-depth interviews with various sector organisations. Both the client and the stakeholders appreciated this robust, substantive approach. Within the steering committee with the bodies concerned, we managed the content processes and validation rounds.

The Pantarein team are go-getters who work alongside us on our campaigns and actively seek solutions. They manage to rework the often complex content into accessible information without losing the complexity and nuances of the message

- Jona De Leye, communication officer at the FPS Public Health