our work

Instagram boost for biodiversity

There is no more rewarding subject than biodiversity to create awareness about. We seized the request from Natuur en Bos to manage their Instagram channel with both hands.

Our client

Natuur en Bos (Flemish government)

Our challenge

To grow their Instagram fan base to 10,000 followers by the end of 2020

Our solution

We created a content plan and Instagram posts with distinctive, striking content

Our result
more Instagram engagement in 6 months
followers in 5 months
New style

With more than 1 billion followers worldwide, a number which continues to grow, Instagram is a popular social media channel. It is the perfect medium for Natuur en Bos to reach the general public. But the days when a pretty picture and a few hashtags sufficed to stand out are long gone. We analysed the approach of Natuur en Bos and developed a new style in which images and content are equally important.

Trending topics

Every month, we proposed new topics to the editorial board. We screened trending topics and used our knowledge of the Natuur en Bos policy areas to select captivating subjects. Through Hootsuite, we posted state of the art Instagram stories and messages. We used creative language, emojis, hashtags, cross-promotion, tags and calls to action. We also created quizzes, polls … With the editorial board we discussed which posts had or hadn’t scored very well, in order to do even better in the future.

Mission accomplished

We offered our customer advice on sponsored content and paid advertising. By keeping track of all posts, mentions and reactions, we continuously monitored the online performance of Natuur en Bos. This approach proved to be successful: in five months, we managed to achieve our goal and create a fan base of 10,000 followers.

The great thing about Pantarein is that they combine their in-depth knowledge with powerful, creative copywriting and the inventive Instagram approach we had in mind. Our reach has increased significantly as a result

Kaat Vanneste, communications manager at Natuur en Bos