our work

Financial figures and sustainability ambitions in one report

A fresh, sustainable breeze is blowing through the Port of Zeebrugge. We let it carry us along and captured the future vision of the port in a digital platform, together with the financial figures from corona-year 2020.

Our client

Port of Zeebrugge

Our challenge

Adding extra allure to the client’s annual report by adorning the financial figures with a closer look at the sustainability impact, by way of a visually appealing format that can serve as a business card for stakeholder communication

Our solution

An ambitious annual report that bundles the Port of Zeebrugge’s financial and sustainability reporting into a single digital platform, together with an accompanying corporate brochure (interactive PDF), and a hands-on content plan that the client can put into action straight away

Integrated report

Port of Zeebrugge recently launched a new policy plan – that listed sustainability as one of the five pillars that prepare the port for the future. Naturally, the fresh breeze that is blowing through the organisation as a result has to be tangible in the communication to stakeholders too. First and foremost, through the port authority’s annual report. This was to have an integrated character: a combination of financial reporting – showing economic resilience in the exceptional year 2020 – and storytelling about the port’s sustainability ambitions.


We combined both aspects in a brand new digital platform, which should act as a compass for the future direction of the port. We displayed the figures in a clear format; the port’s sustainability story was transformed into strong content. As part of this content, we let various players from the port community have their say, by way of cases that dig deeper into a specific topic, for example. The vision interview with CEO Tom Hautekiet, one of the highlights of the annual report, was presented as written text and also a dazzling video.

From A to Z

We looked after every detail of the annual report. We took care of data gathering, organised interviews with some key people within the port authority, and structured their messages to present a clear storyline. We used this structure to finesse the texts, as well as the scripts for the video content. The design of the digital platform was designed in-house. We worked with a trusted web developer to make this happen. It meant we could keep a tight grip on the process and look after every tiny detail on our client’s behalf.


We also made the digital platform into an accompanying PDF, which Port of Zeebrugge can distribute among all its stakeholders, through email marketing or social media, or simply have printed to use as business cards at trade fairs and conferences. Finally, we also outlined a hands-on communication and content plan for the launch of the annual report. The port can now use this to regularly shine a spotlight on its sustainability story.