our work

Public enterprise moves towards digital first

As a strategic and operational content partner, we help OVAM to communicate effectively about the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Our client

Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM)

Our challenge

Support OVAM in the transition from its periodic publications to digital marketing products

Our solution

A multimedia, functional digital content mix

Consistent communication

Flanders is facing important environmental challenges: restoring the health of our soils, reusing our raw materials and recycling materials, and closing as many loops as possible. OVAM plays a leading role in this transition to a circular, carbon-neutral economy. The organisation wants to set the tone in Flanders and be an example to other European countries.

OVAM understood very well that consistent communication is essential to accelerate the transition and influence stakeholders. They chose us as their strategic and operational content partner. We developed a tiered communication concept in which various communication products each played their own roles:

  • The monthly newsletter focuses on news and announcements.
  • The in-house magazine explains the strategy and activities.
  • The online annual report offers a clear insight into OVAM performance.

We assist OVAM in systematically digitising its corporate communication, with a central content platform as a starting point. The editorial board advises OVAM about its content plan, and the functional use of the developed content across its various corporate channels.

In-house magazine

The in-house magazine OVAM.link is a way for the public enterprise to keep inspiring its B2B stakeholders even in digital times: SMEs, multinationals, local authorities, NGOs, politicians, civil society, media and opinion makers. As an addition to the monthly informative newsletter, the magazine offers guidance, analyses, and background on initiatives by OVAM and its partners.

An activity overview: yes!

Is an annual report still relevant? We believe it is. After all, it is the perfect tool to explain to stakeholders what your organisation is all about. Year after year, we turn the OVAM’s annual review into a clear web page that informs visitors in a transparent manner about the organisation’s activities, facts and results.