our work

Clarifying report maps out the state of Flemish biodiversity

Based on scientific reports, we produce clear publications to efficiently inform policymakers and politicians about the state of the natural environment in Flanders.

Our client

Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)

Our challenge

Efficiently informing policy-makers and political cabinets about the state and future of the Flemish natural environment

Our solution

Synthesis reports and infographics summarising the scientific conclusions and recommendations at management level

The state and future of the Flemish natural environment

The INBO reports on the state of the Flemish natural environment, evaluates nature policy and explores the future. Since 2014, the INBO has engaged Pantarein to produce the biennial Nature Report Flanders (NARA). On the basis of scientific background reports, we have produced synthesis reports to provide stakeholders, particularly policy makers and politicians, with clear, efficient information.

The scientific reports from the NARA team contain a wealth of information. Our storytellers translate this content into an understandable story through in-depth interviews with the experts. INBO now has a tool to convey the essence of its scientific research to policymakers and interested citizens

- Liesbeth Voets, account manager at Pantarein
The story behind the data

INBO’s scientific studies provide a mass of information. We familiarised ourselves with the material and, together with INBO, went in search of the story behind the data. On the basis of workshops with the scientists and the communication department, we established a clear storyline and a content structure. We set out the messages and recommendations and designed a set of infographics that present the core of the report clearly.

With their generalist but expert view, Pantarein's content specialists really get to the heart of the matter. From a wealth of information, they are able to craft and elaborate the messages we want to communicate

- Anik Schneiders, project manager at INBO