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Oxfam Fair Trade unites ‘fair’ and ‘sustainable’ trade

Oxfam Fair Trade publishes its first sustainability report. With this milestone, we are paving the way for other players in development cooperation.

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Oxfam Fair Trade

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Start-to-finish guidance in the realisation of the sustainability report of a major player in development cooperation

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A sustainability report in line with the GRI standards

Oxfam Fair Trade is a Belgian pioneer in fair trade – a sustainable organization that continues to challenge itself. They set out an ambitious sustainable strategy in which fairness and sustainability are inextricably linked. They present this strategy in their first sustainability report.

Specific know-how

Reporting on your non-financial performance requires specific know-how. That is why Oxfam Fair Trade came to us for guidance.

We took care of all the steps in the realisation of the report: from the data analysis to the storyline to the copywriting and design. Thus, we helped to create focus in the mountain of data that served as input. Together, we selected the most relevant KPIs and determined what content to include in the report and what not.


Strong tool

The result is a fresh, easily navigable pdf, which forms the basis of Oxfam Fair Trade's annual reporting. It is a strong tool, which they can use to communicate to their stakeholders. Finally, the report is a great example for other organizations in the development cooperation sector – companies as well as NGOs – that want to communicate systematically about their sustainable efforts.


It is not yet common in this sector to report on your sustainable efforts. Oxfam Fair Trade is paving the way for others. It makes us proud to be part of this development

- Sophie Maeseele, communication consultant at Pantarein