our work

VUB presents its sustainability strategy

We summarised the sustainability plans of the VUB in an illuminating brochure. A nice start for the sustainability report that is in the pipeline.

Our client


Our challenge

We mapped out a strategic storyline and summarised the VUB's plans in a clear brochure

Our solution

A clear publication that informs and inspires the stakeholders of the VUB

3 plans of action

The VUB wants to inform its stakeholders - in the first place mainly the students, future students and the employees of the university - about its new sustainability strategy for the period 2021-2025. All 'fragmented' sustainability actions are brought together in a coordinated policy, which is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new sustainability policy comprises three pillars, each with its own action plan: sustainability, equality and well-being.


We devised a strategy to communicate this integrated approach to sustainability, tailored to the target audience.

Strategy, vision and approach

Together, we drew up a strategic storyline. Based on that, we wrote the texts for the brochure Planning actions for a better world, using storytelling as a tool to make the VUB's messages tangible and to inspire its stakeholders. The brochure clearly summarises the strategy, vision and approach to sustainability at the VUB.


The document will serve as a basis for the 'report to society' that we are preparing together with the VUB: a transparent overview of the impact of the university in the domains of sustainability, equality and well-being.

In the pipeline: sustainability hub

Based on the strategic storyline, we also wrote web texts for the sustainability hub of the VUB, which is currently under construction. There, the focus will be on the tangible actions within the action plans.